The Nitro Monster King 4X4 is a true-to-scale monster truck that features nitro power and full-time 4WD. Based on the popular HPI Wheely King platform, the thrills and sounds of nitro power have been added to create a medium-sized monster truck that can go from car crushing stadium monster truck action to grueling off-road bashing. The Nitro Monster King 4X4 is the ultimate combination of true-to-scale monster truck looks and fun high-flying nitro monster truck action. And with reliable nitro power you can just add more fuel to keep running as long as you want!

The Nitro Monster King 4X4 is great for the show-and-go crowd - fat chrome wheels hold 5.4-inch all-terrain Mud Thrasher monster truck tires, and the aluminum alloy Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) chassis features a design that looks just like the real monster trucks you've enjoyed watching! Front and rear solid axles feature pivot joints and a realistic multi-link monster truck suspension for easy driving and control.

It's not just about its good looks - the Nitro Monster King 4X4 lives up to its name from the second you pull the trigger. With its strong T-15L engine and solid-axle 4WD drivetrain, the Nitro Monster King 4X4 blasts through twisty terrain or down the street... with the realistic sound of its T-15L nitro engine powering all four wheels!

Ready-To-Run Convenience

With a completely assembled chassis, painted body and a full set of electronics, it's a simple matter of installing receiver/transmitter batteries and adding some fuel to start having fun! The Nitro Monster King 4X4 is truly ready-to-run and features the high-quality HPI TF-1 27MHz transmitter. The SF-1 servos are reliable, durable and offer plenty of torque, performing their duties under all conditions. For the ultimate in control and feedback, the Nitro Monster King 4X4 features fully proportional steering and throttle.

Topping off the Nitro Monster King 4X4 is a painted and trimmed monster truck body, mounted on adjustable body mounts that allows you to fit all kinds of fun and exciting bodies. It all adds up to a great truck and hours of enjoyment! Get into the car-crushing spirit of the monster truck! Get the Nitro Monster King 4X4.


Key Features

  • 4WD drivetrain
  • Thunderous nitro power with a T-15L nitro engine
  • Pullstarter-equipped
  • 100cc fuel tank for run times in excess of 10 minutes
  • 5.4" Mud Thrasher tires
  • Fully painted and detailed body
  • Full ball bearings for efficiency and long run time
  • Efficient sliding center universal drive shafts


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