The Cup Racer combines amazing features and racing spec in true-to-scale one-tenth size, 'True Ten' design! With the HPI True Ten performance chassis, you have the opportunity to experience the joy of owning a super-realistic representation of some of the most legendary sports cars ever made.

Ultimate Scale Realism

The concept behind the Cup Racer and True Ten scale is simple, to make the best-looking, most realistic car models available. To do this, the HPI body production department teamed up with their top car designers to put together  the True Ten look, which authentically reproduces actual cars in a way that makes them look exactly like the real thing. These aren't slammed and lowered version look-alikes. Designed for ultimate performance, the True Ten idea is to replicate the real cars as they are in real life - in width, height, length and detail, with details so precise that real car fans wouldn't be able to tell the difference at first glance.

Authentic Detailing

The True Ten series features the most painstaking attention to detail that HPI designers have ever tackled. Every body line and curve from the real car is represented in the crash-resistant bodyshell. Every door line, bootlid and side skirt is represented exactly as it appears on the real car. There are even reproductions of the actual windscreen wipers, bumpers, exhaust systems and mirrors, allowing the HPI True Ten series to deliver the utmost in scale car driving.

HPI graphic designers are already legendary for producing the most accurate bodyshell graphics you can find.  When you combine that with the uniquely crystal-clear bodyshells from their body production department and the new ultra-scale accessories, you get pure scale magic.

To complete the True Ten concept, the challenge of the design team was to put the scale bodies on a chassis that is truly deserving of the ultimate scale looks. This involved a complete re-think of how scale RC cars are designed and used by today's RC hobbyists. Scale modelers want something that just works; however, experienced RC hobbyists and racers want something that can be tuned to perform. HPI nailed it.

Ready to Perform

Experienced RC racers will be able to take one look at the Cup Racer chassis and see for themselves the performance potential of this all-new chassis. A huge array of tuning adjustments is possible using the standard kit parts.

The Cup Racer features full-time 4WD, a super-stiff chassis, oil-filled shocks and inboard front shocks. Plus it has the ability to independently adjust suspension settings such as caster, camber, track width, roll center, wheelbase, anti-dive, anti-squat, droop and much more. If you like your cars to drive as well as they look, the Cup Racer is for you!

Designed for Excellence

From the very start, the True Ten Scale Cup Racer was engineered for top-level performance at a reasonable cost - while still maintaining the true-to-scale look that scale modelers desire. To accomplish this, HPI designers have taken it upon themselves to perfect concepts that long-time HPI owners may recognize, but haven't seen in their ultimate, final form.

Cool scale features:

• HPI 'True Ten' design - radio-control car models closer to scale than ever before
• Classic sports car and racer bodyshells that inspired generations of car fans
• Moulded chrome details such as windscreen wipers, mirrors, bumpers, exhaust pipes and more.
• Multiple width adjustments to fit huge range of future bodyshells:
o Hub/upright inserts
o Variable wheel hex adapters (0mm & 4mm)
o Hex adapter inserts (1mm & 2mm)
o Different offset wheels (0mm, 3mm, 6mm)

• Huge variety of body post locations to suit many different shapes of body shells
• Nearly infinite body post height adjustment to get perfect scale appearance
• True Ten bodies from HPI will feature chrome accents such as mirrors, exhaust, bumpers, etc.
• Any M-class body will fit (wheelbase 225mm or 210mm)
• Inboard front shocks allow fitting of future low-profile bodies
• Disc brake/rotor mounts (non-functional) for future cool upgrade
• Fits standard RC electronics for easy component choices

Performance features:

• Kit build - add your own electronics
• Full-time 4WD for huge levels of grip
• Upper and lower sturdy FRP chassis
• Symmetrically mounted upper deck to eliminate tweak
• Fits any 540-size motor, brushed or brushless
• Translucent cover for spur and pinion gears
• Cam-type motor mount for precise gear mesh
• Aluminum motor mount construction for secure mounting & heat dissipation
• Use any 48-pitch pinion gear
• Super-smooth rear ball diff for fantastic cornering grip
• Sealed front gear diff
• Composite rear diff outdrives for low rotating weight
• Oil-filled coil-over shocks front and rear
• Front inboard shocks eliminate unsprung weight
• Standard front shock mounting possible for extra performance
• Multiple shock locations and ride height settings
• Laydown steering servo for low CG
• Fits short servo in stand-up location to move weight inboard
• Bellcrank steering for precise steering input
• Universal dogbones front and rear 
• Easily adjustable camber front and rear
• Vertical camber link mounting for quick roll center adjustment
• Variable anti-dive and anti-squat adjustments
• Race-style droop screws for tweak adjustment
• Fast-adjust caster setting
• Swing-out stick pack battery holder for fast changes
• LiPo, NiMH stick and side-by-side battery pack capability
• Sway bar mounts front and rear for future upgradability

Durability features:

• Thick FRP double-deck chassis is tough and strong
• Fully enclosed shaft drive for total protection
• Translucent spur/pinion gear cover keeps rocks out
• Stainless steel hinge pins with anodized aluminum braces
• Adjustable spring-loaded cam servo saver
• Steel front diff outdrives for extra durability
• Tough foam bumper secured between durable bumper mounts protects front end
• Flexible body mounts help keep body in good shape
• Rubber-sealed ball bearings for enhanced efficiency



  • Full-time 4WD for huge levels of grip
  • Fits any 540-size motor, brushed or brushless
  • Use any 48-pitch pinion gear
  • Oil-filled coil-over shocks front and rear
  • Multiple shock locations and ride height settings
  • Laydown steering servo for low CG
  • LiPo, NiMH stick and side-by-side battery pack capability
  • Includes clear body shell

Needed to Complete

Radio gear
Battery pack


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