• Hardened chrome-plated 3-port cylinder liner with three intake and
    one exhaust port
  • Machined billet aluminum piston with parallel rings to trap fuel oils
    for complete lubrication between piston and sleeve, cutouts in
    side of piston for lighter weight
  • Modified cooling head from the O.S. Speed II World Championship
    engine with machined holes for lighter weight and better cooling,
    gold colored anodizing
  • Slide valve 21J carburetor with four separate adjustments, high-speed mid-speed, low-speed and throttle stop, also includes 8mm and 9mm restrictors for specific race conditions
  • SG-style crankshaft constructed of hardened and machined steel, fuel
    chamber's exit point is chamfered to provide a smmoth path for fuel
    and air mixture
  • Knife-edge connecting rod for reduced weight and drag


  • 21VZ-B V-Spec Limited Edition Engine, glow plug, 21J carburetor with 8mm & 9mm restrictors, manual, exhaust gasket and dust cap set



  • #203 Air Cleaner Assembly, OSMG2360
  • Exhaust System: T-2060SC WN tuned silencer (OSMG2938) developed specifically for this engine
  • Fuel: 10-30% nitro content, 20% recommended for break-in Most of the fuels we carry meet or exceed the lubricant content required for optimum performance and maximum engine life. In the past, the conventional lubricant content used in fuel was 18%. But with new advanced technologies, fuels like Red Alert and O'Donnell for example, have a better quality of lubricants even though the percentages of lubricant content are lower. These high-tech lubricants provide exceptional cooling and protection.


  • Displacement: 0.21 cu in (3.46cc)
  • Bore: 0.654" (16.6mm)
  • Stroke: 0.630" (16.0mm)
  • Practical RPM: 3,000-40,000
  • Power Output: 2.48 hp @ 33,000
  • Weight: 12.7oz (360g) without muffler
  • Height from crankcase bottom to top of cylinder head: 110.6mm (4.4")
  • Height/crankshaft center to top of cylinder head: 95.3mm (3.8")
  • Width including mounting ears: 45mm (1.8")
  • Width not including mounting ears: 30.8mm (1.2")
  • Width between mounting holes same side: 21mm (.83")
  • Width between mounting holes opposite side: 37mm (1.5")
  • Cylinder head diameter: 57.2mm (2.3")
  • Length of exposed pilot shaft/crankshaft: 29.6mm (1.17")
  • Internal thread size at end of crankshaft: 3mm


Turbo glow plugs do not require a copper gasket. With the carb restrictors, the driver can select either
low fuel consumption or high power, allowing a wide range of engine control. Usage is as follows:
8mm: Suitable for technical and bumpy courses and when less fuel consumption is more important
9mm: Suitable for high-speed and flat courses that require power


These are pre-set from the factory and require little or no adjustment Needle Valve: 2.5 turns open from fully closed position Metering Needle - Rotate until slotted head is extruded by 0.5mm into ball link body Mixture Control Valve - Rotate until slotted head is flush with ball link body

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