The T4 truck borrows the distinctive forward-swept front end and rear-mounted shock configuration featured on the RC10B4 buggy, optimized with the new co-planar steering geometry. This new suspension design provides maximum front-end clearance and minimizes bump-steer while maintaining desired Ackermann angles. Trailing front axle or optional inline steering blocks can be used to adjust steering response. The suspension arm design features a “captured” hinge pin design so that no E-clips are used. The T4 also features a heavy-duty design front hinge-pin brace and bumper for increased durability.

The transmission has also been optimized into an ultra-compact package, and now uses the same 2.6:1 higher torque-capacity differential as the RC10GT. A double-sided slipper assembly (first prototyped by Team Associated in 1989) has been designed with higher torque capacity, easier assembly, and lower rotating mass than comparable double-sided slippers. This provides a finer adjustment range and more efficient slipper operation.

The T4 chassis provides a super-low center of gravity by lowering the motor, battery, and shock mounting positions, enabling Associated’s R&D team to design a sleeker, more realistic low-profile body, greatly reducing the large, unaerodynamic "humps" over the rear shocks as seen on older-design trucks. The T4 also comes equipped with strong, dish-style wheels and high-traction Pro-Line tires.

The RC10T4 - Radio Control Car Action Reader's Choice 2004 winner for Electric Truck in 2005!



  • Angled bellcrank steering
  • Front shocks are mounted behind the shock towers
  • All four suspension arms utilize a "captured" hinge pin design that uses no e-clips
  • The "forward-swept" front end design provides maximum front end ground clearance
  • The 2.6:1 laydown transmission now uses the higher torque capacity differential from the RC10GT
  • Longer CVDs dogbones and axles
  • High torque capacity, double-sided slipper provides finer adjustment, easier assembly, and lower rotating mass
  • Impact-resistant rear motor guard and body mounts
  • Lower motor, battery, shock and body mounting positions give the T4 a lower CG for higher cornering speeds and greater stability


Type: 2WD Competition Stadium Electric Truck kit
Scale: 1/10
Length: 15.4 in (390mm)
Width: 12.4 in (316mm)
Wheelbase: 11.3 in (288mm)
Weight: 50.8 oz (1441g)
Chassis: Composite integrated
Suspension: Independent front and rear A-arm
Drivetrain: Gear Drive
Kit/RTR: Kit
Shock Type: PTFE-coated

Needed to Complete

- 2-Channel Radio with one high torque steering servo
- 6 cell battery pack (stick configuration)
- Battery charger
- Electronic speed control
- 540 size motor
- 48P pinion gear

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