• ***Motor Features***
  • Sintered 13mm magnet size and grade, for best efficiency and midrange torque
  • 5mm highstrength output shaft with oversized bearings for the toughest demands in 1:8 racing
  • Revolutionary precise sensor positioning for best power, throttle feel, and efficiency—fully adjustable and replaceable
  • Re-buildable machined 7075 T6 aluminum can
  • Fits all common 1:8 off road-brushless models
  • XTEC X12 World Champion Technology now available for 1:8 brushless cars
  • Air flow and cooling, optimized teardown, cut-outs for highest performance—even on long runs, flow optimized
  • Includes fan and holder
  • Special 1:8 off-road power windings developed and tested by the LRP Factory Team
  • ***Electric Speed Control Features***
  • Revolutionary small size for 1:8 scale models
  • Special 1:8 Power Profiles
  • Optimized for 2S-4S LiPo battery operation
  • Internal-Temp-Check-System 2
  • Low-profile heat sink with integrated high-performance fan
  • Fully adjustable drive modes with different adjustment possibilities
  • Sensored design
  • ***RC8Te Truggy Kit Features***
  • Molded battery tray supports two ROAR-approved 1:10 scale size 7.4V LiPo battery packs with room for foam pads
  • Receiver box, servo, and battery tray remove from car in one piece for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Convenient wire routing keeps critical electronic wires out of drivetrain components and simplifies disassembly
  • Includes pinion gear (16T) and molded composite spur gear (50T)
  • Rigid one-piece motor mount utilizes standard motor screw mounting pattern
  • Large elevated speed control mounting area allows for easy screw mounting of common speed controllers
  • Upgraded dual bellcrank steering for more consistent steering and reduced bump-steer
  • 16mm Big Bore molded composite shocks with preload clips
  • Hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis
  • 3mm aluminum shock towers
  • Durable 12mm thick suspension arms
  • Rear molded CVA boots to keep dirt and mud out of rear joints
  • Alloy steel turnbuckles
  • Caster blocks adjust 14, 16, or 18 degrees with molded inserts
  • Adjustable suspension pivot bushings for different pivot height options
  • 4.30:1 ratio gearboxes
  • 3.5mm light CVA drivetrain
  • Pre-drilled wing with adjustable angle and location
  • Blue aluminum drive hexes
  • Blue aluminum nylock wheel nuts
  • AE LPR lightweight truggy wheels (#ASC89360)
  • Utilizes 3 hook and loop straps to secure LiPo batteries into battery tray
  • Enclosed receiver box protects electronic components
  • 1.5mm thickness unpainted polycarbonate RC8T body


VECTOR 8 Brushless:
The VECTOR 8 Brushless Modified is based on the IFMAR World Championship-winning X12 brushless modified technology. In the past months, X12-based motors set new benchmarks when it came to outstanding performance and ultimate reliability at top-level races around the world. Now 1:8 drivers can benefit from this technology advantage as well. The Vector 8 Brushless Modified is specifically tailored for 1:8 off-road racing with its longer teardown with special cooling fins, longer stack, magnet, and shaft for higher torque and maximum performance.

Includes high-performance fan for maximum cooling and unique mounting hardware for perfect installation into all RC cars—simply plug into the receiver!

SPX8 Competition Brushless Speed Controll:
The SPX8 Competition Brushless Speed Control is based on one of the best and most successful competition speed controls ever—the SPHERE Competition TC-Spec. Only the best of the best in today’s brushless racing was good enough to take it as a base for the development of the LRP 1:8
Brushless System.

These successful genes can now be found in the SPX8 Competition Brushless. It aims to reach the peak of 1:8 brushless speed controls with its hightech features. For this reason the TC-Spec has been adapted to the specific demands of 1:8 racing. It now features special 1:8 software and has been specially optimized for use with 2S-4S LiPo batteries. The result is a high-end speed control that will excite the 1:8 electric RC car scene.

RC8Te Kit:
The RC8Te engineering team has developed a practical design that incorporates the same exceptional strength, durability, cornering capability, jumping ability, and rough track handling that characterize the nitro-powered RC8T.

With special features such as a hard-anodized machined chassis, correctly balanced and optimized weight distribution, composite Big Bore shocks featuring 4mm gold shafts, upgraded steering system, and lightweight wheels, every inch of the RC8Te screams high performance and durability.


VECTOR 8 Brushless SPECS:
Type: Brushless
RPM/Volt (Kv): 2.500KV
Overall Diameter: 41mm
Overall Length: 66mm

Type: Electric Off-Road Truggy
Scale: 1/8
Length: 22.5 in (571mm)
Width: 16.9 in (429mm)
Wheelbase: 14.8 in (375mm)
Weight: 8.00 lb (3628g); approximate, will vary depending upon electronics used
Drivetrain: 4WD
Kit/RTR: Kit

Needed to Complete

- R/C 2-channel surface frequency radio system
- Batteries:
qty 1 or 2 6-cell NiMH type packs (7.4v) OR
qty 1 or 2 2-cell LiPo type packs (7.4v, 11.1v, or 14.4v, depending on the compatibility of the speed control)
Note: if running LiPo, the charger and speed control have to be LiPo compatible.
- Battery charger (peak detection charger recommended)
- Tire adhesive
- Paint for Lexan body
- Tools: Phillips screwdriver, needlenose pliers, pencil-type soldering iron with Rosin core solder to solder motor wires, thread-locking compound, hobby knife, precision ruler, body scissors.

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