From the world-renowned engineers at Team Losi Racing, who have been developing revolutionary race-winning vehicles for over 25 years, comes the latest track tested Competition-Ready (CR ) 2WD electric truck.

The XXX-T CR continues Team Losi Racing’s tradition of offering racers the most innovative designs and top-of-the-line features available. The Team Losi Racing development team has worked long and hard to refine and redesign where needed to take full advantage of the latest hi-output batteries and hi-performance tech motors. This makes it easier for even the average driver to turn faster times, lap after lap. Additionally, the XXX-T CR represents the latest developments in material composition for more durability than any truck you’ve ever driven. The XXX-T CR is one of the most technologically advanced race trucks ever developed, and further demonstrates Team Losi Racing’s commitment to putting racers first.

Key Features in detail:

Quick Change Aluminum Rear Hubs
The XXX-T CR uses the same wheels on the front and rear, and features quick release rear axles that let you swap old tread for new in seconds. The same wheels can be used on the front axles using a standard wheel nut configuration. This marks the first time that both of these features have been offered on any 1/10-scale 2WD electric truck. In addition, the new aluminum, multi-adjustable rear hubs give the XXXT-CR the most tunable suspension in electric truck racing. The hubs include oversized rear axle bearings for maximum durability.

Proven XXX Transmission
Positioning the weight low and forward, close to the center of gravity, provides the XXX-T CR with greater forward traction and a lower polar moment than other vehicles. The Kevlar® spur gear, machined motor plate, motor guard and the race-proven double disk slipper are capable of handling the hottest motors smoothly and efficiently. The redesigned, long-life ball differential offers more consistent handling with less maintenance required. A new molded gear cover protects the drivetrain components by sealing out dirt and debris, while the fan mount allows for the addition of an optional fan to keep hot modified or brushless motors running cool.

Variable Length Arms
Variable length arms give racers the ability to switch between long and short positions, allowing you to change the handling characteristics for a wide range of driving styles and track conditions. The result is tuning versatility that is simply unmatched by any competitor.

Exclusive EA3 Class Composites
Developed for the ultimate combination of low weight and incredible durability, critical components on the XXX-T CR are made from Team Losi Racing’s exclusive EA3 class composite. These compounds not only provide added impact protection but also improve handling on the widest variety of tracks, delivering the precision feel that racers demand.

Extra Long Chassis
The Team Losi Racing engineering and development team have refined and revised the overall balance of the XXX-T CR by extending the chassis an additional .200”. In combination with the suspension geometry of the XXX-T CR, the extended chassis allows it to produce incredible acceleration and stability through the roughest track sections and tightest turns. This also allows the XXX-T CR to take full advantage of the latest generation of hi-performance motors, batteries and tires. This results in predictable handling, making the XXX-T CR even easier to drive fast.

Titanium Nitride Hinge Pins
Titanium Nitride (TiNi) hinge pins are used throughout the XXX-T CR. The combination of hardness and lubricity reduces friction for super-smooth suspension operation without sacrificing strength. The increased surface hardness offers additional wear resistance and greater durability in the worst conditions. Additionally, the shock shafts are also TiNi coated for smooth, consistent handling and durability.

New Steel Alloy Adjustable Front Axles
The steel alloy adjustable front axles allow the use of the same wheels front and rear while offering the ability to adjust the width for even more tuning options.




  • Quick change aluminum rear hubs
  • Proven XXX transmission
  • Variable Length Arms
  • Exclusive EA3 class composites
  • Extra long chassis
  • Titanium nitride hinge pins
  • Steel alloy adjustable front axles
  • Fan motor mount for engine cooling


Type: Electric Race Truck
Scale: 1/10
Length: 16.395 in (416.43mm)
Width: 12.725 in (323.22mm)
Wheelbase: 11.250 in (285.75mm)
Weight: Varies
Chassis: Team Losi Racing's EA3 composite
Suspension: 4-wheel independent
Drive Train: Sealed, 3-gear transmission
Shock Type: Hard-anodized threaded aluminum, oil-filled, TiNi shafts
Body: Clear polycarbonate
Ball Bearings: Complete

Needed to Complete

6-cell battery pack


Motor with pinion gear

2-channel surface radio system with steering servo

Electronic speed control

Modeling tools

Polycarbonate-compatible paint


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